Reach candidates where they are and create an employment brand they admire.

Reach candidates on their phone.

In a world where begining a relationship happens online at the swipe of a finger, why are we still forcing phone calls to begin screens? Make a good first impression by meeting candidates where they are – the phone that’s always in their pocket.

I advise Fortune 500 executives to treat talent as they would customers: Understand their behavior, and design recruiting strategies that meet them where they are.”
– Erica Dhawan

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Impress candidates with a seamless experience.

Clunky processes and duplicated questions inhibit candidates from showing their true colors. With Canvas, each step in the process is meaningful…and even delightful. This allows the best candidates to shine. Now it’s your turn to shine. Easily send culture videos, HR docs, link to forms and offer letters, and get to the in-person interviews faster. It’s all at the candidates’ fingertips. They’re going  to love you. to love you.

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Stay in front of hiring needs with a bench of interested candidates.

The same way marketers nurture leads, Canvas creates a new channel to nurture top talent with automated campaigns. Finally, you can break the cycle of reactive hiring and fill positions before the pain. Recruiters can give candidates a glimpse into company culture with photos, videos, and branded content or simply keep in touch to stay top of mind.

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See how super-recruiters impress candidates.

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All the features recruiters need to impress top candidates.

Scripts Library

Leverage sequenced collections of recommended questions, responses and available resources to be used in campaigns or interactions with the candidate(s).

Inbound Campaigns

Capture the inbound reply to a campaign to start and automate the interviewing process.

Magic Contact

Build out a more complete candidate portrait before you ever talk to them by automatically pulling in social profile information.

Quick Send

Send a simple batch text messaging, customized to individual recipients.

Resource Library

Store important documents or attachments for easy access during the interview process.


Visualize and analyze recruiter activity and performance, candidate engagement, hiring funnel processes.


Communicate with your candidates via text messages. There is no app download required for any candidate.


Review past conversations that were captured automatically that the candidate has had with other interviewers.