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Recruiters are ready to fly. Canvas gives them superpowers.

Super-recruiters can see everything about every candidate at any time, and reach them through nearly any channel. They always know the next best question, and ultimately hire the right people in less time.

The talent economy called. It said things have changed.

Work smarter with automation.

Reaching candidates and filling positions takes time. Canvasbot, your AI sidekick with a full suite of automation superpowers, makes it faster. Notes are captured automatically, transcripts are shared easily, and the right candidates move through your process more quickly. Kapow!

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Sourcing bots collect candidate information using natural language processing with no human interaction. Then interview bots automate some (or all) of the screening process. When human recruiters step in, they have what they need to shine.

See candidates like never before.

With Canvas, you’ll see people for who they are. Bot screening helps you find the most qualified candidates, de-indentification reduces potential bias, and recommended questions help standardize responses. Every interaction is captured in Candidate Portraits with no extra work.

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Conversations are automatically consolidated and analyzed. They’re scoreable and shareable no matter where or when they occur. 

Delight with a flawless experience.

Applying for jobs is exhausting enough. Then comes the interview process. Woof. With Canvas, your entire team can shift the conversation to a candidates’ preferred channel – whatever it is – then start talking where and when and how they want. Provide immediate access to resources, never duplicate questions, and easily stay in touch over time to build relationships. 

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Candidates don’t have to change anything about how they communicate. We Canvas you can reach them through the channels they already use.

50 million millennials will be hired between now and 2025.

Your next generation of talent is texting – only 12% prefer phone calls for business communication.* They land dates with a casual swipe, but recruiters are still screening on the phone. They tap  😂 👍  to keep tabs, while we tap    to re-record voicemails. It’s time to join the convo.

*KPCB 2016 Internet Trends Report